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The Excell Partnership was formed in 2009 to provide personable and professional independent financial advice to our individual and corporate clients.

Our advisers specialise in securing the right mortgage outcome for clients every time.

At the early stages in the property buying process we will be able to show you how much you can borrow. We will also be able to confirm how much your new mortgage will cost each month. These tend to be the first two questions that we get asked.

Alternatively if you have already spoken to your bank we would be happy to offer you a second opinion. Not all lenders are the same & there can be large differences in both how much they will lend you and the interest rates they will charge you. The worst thing that can happen is that we will be able to beat what your bank have already shown you!

Please let us know if you would like to talk to someone about your mortgage options.

We would love to help you whatever stage in the process you are at.

Please get in touch with one of our advisers as listed below, or visit our website http://excellpartnership.co.uk/

Related services

Sinclair Hammelton does offer such services, which may include mortgages, insurance, sales conveyancing, and buyer’s agency services. We will inform you if a buyer asks us to perform such service and if a referral fee is paid to us. In the normal course of business we may recommend the following companies that pay us a fee for our introductions: Cook Taylor Woodhouse Solicitors and Excell Partnership. This list may be updated periodically, if required please apply for a full list. Where we refer them to you there is no obligation for you to use their services. Variable fees apply and are paid, according to the services instructed.

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